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SOFTWARE With a vast experience in software development and IT consulting, Lasoft offers high quality software development services, as per client requirements and conveniences. The use of software for business application management is not a new concept that needs to be explained. In our days, with the advent of technology, software industry has started blooming. The basic advantage of using software or custom made software is that one can effectively save time, efforts and money, yet at the end, can derive accurate as well as error free outputs. Application of software is not limited to any specific sector rather it has been a boon for different domains of business world. From money tailoring machines to latest gadgets – software application can be noted everywhere.

Have an idea? Let’s develop a proof of concept through product strategy and roadmap—or quickly design and test a prototype. We understand time is money and you need to deliver the results yesterday.

We will bring your product to life. Our adaptive methodology will provide strategic direction, expert engineering and product management to expose your idea to the market quickly.

It’s difficult to continuously adapt and iterate, and outpace the competition. But we can provide the expert resources you need to advance your product and stay ahead of the game.

WEB Lasoft provides you with a wide range of WEB solutions, helps you to reduce costs, time and increase the value of your project. You get a real-time control of the process, transparent and comprehensive reporting, as well as bright solutions. Contact us today!


CMS we use.

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Simpla
  • E-Commerce
  • Wo-Commerce
  • Costume CMS

and more…


look IN

  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • Angular.js
  • Backbone.js



Creative Design for your WebSite , CRM systems , icons , Logo and more ….


HARDWARE At Lasoft, we are technology experts. So you can trust us when it comes to the hardware applications on which many of our solutions run. We know the specs of the hardware our solutions require, and we can work with you not only to understand system requirements and your needs, but also to deliver you the best topology scheme and high level support.

  • Hardware Blade Systems
  • Blade Network systems
  • Flex Fabric – FC, FCoE, LAN, 10Gig LAN
  • Flex 10 – 10Gig LAN , FCoE
  • Gbe2c LAN Blade switch

More Information

  • OA – management configuration
  • Blade Server configuration Architecture – Best Practices.
  • Servers Configuration Architecture
  • Teaming Redundancy Architecture (Network Based)
  • FC Architecture (Storage Based)
  • iSCSI Architecture (Storage Based)

  • Server Preformation Calculation (SAVE YOUR MONEY)
  • LAN HW – based Networking Topology Architecture
  • FW HW – Based Networking and Security

LAN hardware configuration (All of network solutions)

More Information

  • Cisco (LAN , WAN, iSCSI, FC – based Architecture)
  • Juniper (LAN, WAN …)
  • HP (LAN, FC, )
  • Brocade (FC)

  •                       LAN Redundancy Data Center Architecture
  •                       Core Level

More Information

  •                                           i.    LAN Level
  •                                          ii.    WAN Level
  •                                         iii.    NAT Level (FW – Security Based)
  •                                         iv.    Backup LAN Level (Lode Reduction on LAN)
  •                                          v.    iSCSI Level (special switch – Buffer Option – Storage Based)

  •                       FC Redundancy Arc and Configuration (2GB , 4GB, 8gb)
  •                       BackUP over FC Architecture
  •                       Storage over FC Arc.
  •                       Blade System FC connection Arcitecture.
  •                       Zoning Arcitecture and Configuration
  •                       Load Balancer Architecture

SECURITY  Office buildings, banks, factories, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, sports arenas, online shops – these are just a few of the places where people gather, valuable assets are kept, and/or vital information is stored. As varied as they are, they all have an obvious need for a corporate security solution. Lasoft provides smart security solutions for your business. Contact us to find out more!

Security Architecture and Config (HW and Software methods)

  • FW rules arc. And configuration.

HW Spec.

Content goes here

  • Juniper
  • ASA – Cisco
  • CheckPoint
  • Fortinet
  • WatchGuard

  • SecurityVPN Architecture and Configuration

HW Spec.

  • Juniper
  • ASA
  • Checkpoint
  • openVPN (HW and Software based)

  • Antivirus Systems and Group Police configuration (role priority) (Software Based)
  • McAfee – Anti Virus systems (for Businesses)
  • Trend Micro – AV and Software FW (for Businesses)
  • Group Policy and startup script development
  • GP on Microsoft Active Directory
  • Integration Linux OS to domain controller
  • Physical Security Arc and Config. (can be used with CRM)
  • Card Reader
  • RSA keys (with VPN integration)
  • Finger Reader

iOS & Android Mobile App. Development

With the emergence of mobile phones, PDA’s, smart phones and other mobile technology, no business can ignore the need for mobile application. We at Lasoft understand that your idea needs competitive mobile solutions. Our team of dedicated and skilled mobile developers is committed to provide inspiring and safe applications customized exactly for your specific business requirements.

  • Cross-platform mobile development support
  • Create iOS, Android, and mobile web apps from a single code base
  • Develop using a JavaScript-based platform with an integrated Eclipse-based IDE
  • Maximize your flexibility with open standards
  • Get to market faster than developing in Objective-C or Java
  • Create compelling user experiences with cloud services like push notifications and check-ins
  • Unlimited extensibility gives you unlimited possibilities
  • Tap into a community of 350,000 application developers worldwide
  • Be part of a thriving ecosystem of integration technology, and training partners

SEO Solution Everyone wants to rank on the first page, but not everyone deserves to. We see high rankings as the result of well planned and fully executed long term strategies. We analyse unique challenges your business faces, and the topography of the competitive landscape. This research based approach allows our team to create a plan of action that will lead to long lasting results you can count on. You can be confident in our highly effective, ethical and above board strategies.

  • Only White SEO
  • Audit your site
  • Web Site code review for SEO optimization.
  • Backlinks

and more …

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Lasoft designs and develops Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that help businesses manage their relationships with existing and potential customers alike. A good CRM system will streamline your business processes to generate leads and increase customer satisfaction. Recognizing that efficient customer service is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining customers, businesses are implementing CRM technologies to help improve the overall customer experience while increasing employee efficiency and ultimately minimizing costs. Lasoft builds custom-designed CRM systems that enable an effective management of different aspects of your company’s business processes.

Lasoft Sales & Marketing CRM solutions help you generate more leads, effectively manage existing leads, convert leads into customers, quickly view all account-related activity and improve the overall productivity of your sales team. An custom CRM system is much more efficient than manually tracking sales leads.

Lasoft’s Activity Management CRM solutions allow your employees to view all customer transactions, easily locate and view information regarding customer interactions, quickly respond to customer inquiries and more efficiently manage business tasks and post-sales follow-up activities.

Lasoft’s Service & Support CRM solutions help you gather customer support requests, assign requests to the appropriate division or support agent, escalate customer support cases when necessary, assist customers in finding solutions for common issues on your website and identify areas where customer service can be improved.

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