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Judaic Art Gallery of Artist Victor Brindatch Frantishkovich

We introduce to the world wonders of Jewish art, roots of monotheistic religions in beautiful color visual art. Just click on Gallery and you will see Paintings, Illustrations, Sculpture, Compositions ,Judaic art works of Jewish artist from Israel Victor Brindatch. You can order and buy Original Judaic art works directly from the artist signed by master. 


Project Details

Client Art Brindatch
Date 2012
Skills Branding, Server and client side development, Software Design

Project Feature

The Hebrew Alphabet in the Artist’s Homily

If the world faded and became worn out, the art imbues us with a hope to act like Jewish tailors did: to have the same coat turned and made renewed.

In a sense the “Hebrew Alphabet Letters” exposition of Victor Brindach to be inaugurated in the Tel Aviv Bible Museum on November 22 represents a version of such turned and renewed coat as compared to previous searches of the artists.

All cultures throughout the world are supported by symbolic meanings of letters.

Judaic Art Gallery of Artist Victor Brindatch Frantishkovich

Project Feature

Look at Victor Brindatch’s pictures on his site in the Internet. Gray-bearded oldmen and boys with side curls, the paradise good natured animals, the pacified eternity of sacred letters of the Torah. We can see the Jewish world. Click of the mouse “and I watch a page of the Soviet period. And now we can see builders of communism, cheerful sportswomen, and serious steelmakers. But what it is? There no signs of slightest socialist realism! The same antiquated motives, the same plots: a bar -Mitzvah, Chassids, children and animals with human faces. All the same intolerable, exulting palette of pictures, the same strict completeness and restraint of copper moulding. In Victor Brindatch’s images you will not find any “before and after” “Soviet and postSoviet. Perception of the world. Changes in it first of all cyclic, calendar: Change of the day and night, youth and maturity, alteration of death and the birth, announcing firmness of a plan of the Creator.

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