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Namefully is a modern balance of the best that the old and new jewelry worlds have to offer, and the result is the Internet’s leading name necklace and name jewelry retailer today. A place where the unparalleled mom-n-pop shop commitment to customer service meets the efficiency of today’s leading Internet enterprises. Where the attention to detail that only old school jewelers can appreciate encounters the style of the world’s leading design houses.  

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Project Feature

Name Plate Necklaces – Necklaces with a Name
Everyone is wearing nameplate necklaces. But why are they wearing them? Names are given to us from birth and we walk around with them for the extent of our lives. They remain with us through all we do, through all we experience, through all we know. When you meet someone, the first thing you know is their name. It defines people. It defines you. When people wear their nameplate necklaces, they are expressing their individuality. It’s something we, as humans, have that is unique to one another, so we express it. Show the world who you are. Make a name for yourself, and then wear it.
Name Plate Necklaces

Project Feature

Religious Symbols

Both relevant then and now, our selection of religious symbols come in an array of styles. Whatever your favorite flavor of gold is, yellow, white or rose; we can even have yours made in silver! Religious symbols are timeless and classic and can spice up any outfit in a flash.

Modern Symbols

So fresh and quirky! You’ll love the variety and fun of wearing a symbol that one wouldn’t expect to see made in a piece of jewelry. They’re unique and make a fun, bold statement.

Asian Symbols

Ever popular, these styles have been seen all over Hollywood and are the talk of the town! Each Asian character is rich in history and deep in meaning. They make great gifts and bring good vibes to the one who wears it.

Symbol Jewelry

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